Best 32CT Instructor Mixes. Most New Music. Best Prices.

Best 32CT Instructor Mixes. Most New Music. Best Prices.

Prices from $55 Complete

Considering a Custom Mix? It’s popular and you pick all the songs! Please know that scanning thru the mixes and selecting songs can take time….about 1-2 hrs at times. So please plan when you have time to comfortably listen and take notes and we’ll take it from there!  Promo Codes are not usable for Custom Mixes.


            Customs are Manual Work. No Promos Codes.

Review Before Ordering
First, pick songs from all our mixes online.

  1. Review & listen to mixes you like
  2. Make Song List: Song Name + Mix it’s on  (Example)
  3. Pick 15-16 songs for 130/140 bpm range
  4. Pick 17-18 songs for 150/160 bpm range
  5. Paste Song List in *Message Area* of Checkout  (Example)
  6. Continue to Checkout and Pay online

Final Music Mix & Delivery Format

  • Single File Long Play MP3 : Included
  • Separate Tracks/iTunes: + $10.00



Good To Know

  • 100% Professionally Mixed
  • Best song to song blends (32/64 beat blends)
  • Perfect Vocal Pitch up to 180 bpm
  • Final mix edited to 60 minutes in length
  • Last songs may be omitted past 60 minutes
  • Most completed within that weekend of order date



Customs are Manual Labor. No Promos Codes.