Please note all FREE CUSTOM BPM changes are SINGLE FILE LONG PLAY MP3s. If you’re not sure about that, just ask. Also they are processed manually and download links are sent within 48-72hrs.   On Sale Mixes or HIIIT/Tabata are not available.

What is Custom BPM?

  • We’ll change the BPM of any mix that is $18 or more
  • BPMs can be STEADY (All XXX bpm) or PROGRESSIVE (XXX-YYY bpm)
  • We can speed up or down. Never a “chipmunk” effect


  • Link will be emailed as a Single File MP3 (Not sure? Ask)
  • iTunes format (Separate Tracks) are additional fee

CD Version

  • You get a shipped CD with your BPM of choice
  • Same great Audio & Sound quality

How To Get Custom BPMs

  • Type desired BPM bpm in the *message area* of Checkout
  • We’ll manually process it within 24-48hrs then send link or ship
  • Customers been using this option for years!