NEW FOR 2022!
Before you order & spend your non-refundable money - watch this video on how to use our downloads it covers how to extract, drag/drop and get our mixes into iTunes on a Windows PC/Laptop.


Order our FREE MUSIC MIX before spending your money! It comes in Download so you can practice/see how our downloads work. Our Free download includes both iTunes (separate tracks) format - and - Android (single long play MP3) format. Our paid titles only include iTunes format.

ANDROID USERS - can always get a Single Long Play MP3. This offer is free and manually done for you usually within 24-48hrs. Email questions before ordering if you are not sure.

MAC USERS - If you upgraded to Catalina OS, you won't be able to use our downloads. But you can request Single File and it will play nonstop. All that matters is getting our hot mixes in your class. Apple really messed you guys up by removing iTunes in the newer Macs. If you have older Mac with iTunes you will be fine. Or you can use a friend's PC or buy a cheap Windows laptop. Windows will have iTunes around for years to come.

Let's Try It
Android & Single File


Paid Downloads are for iTunes/Apple Devices (separate tracks)
You musc use a Windows PC or Laptop (No Phones/Tablets)
Downloads do not go directly to your phone or device
You need to download, unzip then sync them with iTunes
Newer MAC OS users may be able to use.




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