Get a FREE Music Mix to feel our awesome style and energy! It comes in Download (so you can learn/practice how to use our downloads)...or CD Version. For Download, make sure to try this free one to learn the process before ordering a paid title. NOTE: Our Free download includes both iTunes (separate tracks) format - and - Android (single long play MP3) format. Our paid titles only include iTunes format. For shipped CD just pay small shipping.

- Store Downloads are for iTunes/Apple Devices (separate tracks)
- Downloads do not go directly to your phone or device
- You need to download, unzip and sync them with iTunes
- You don't need Apple Device to burn a CD. Just use iTunes to burn CD
- You need to use a Full size PC or Laptop (No Tablets)
- If you can't get it to work, order CD versions for now
- We manually offer files for Android/Samsung phones (read below)



NEW for 2020! Experienced Android customers say they can play our stock mixes in Google Play (only) for Androids. We do not support this but it's great news for Android users. Unzip and try it out. Download your purchased mix, unzip and learn to move it to your Android Music Folder. Then try it and see if it works for you.



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