Important Promo Details

Effective 12/1/18: Refresh your screen to see current. All current discounts or promo codes listed here or via email can change/end without notice or if errors are found. If you forget to use a discount, we cannot update your order. If codes are not listed here or do not work per email codes, they are no longer valid due to error. Private email offers show valid dates in the email so save your email and most limited to one use per customer. If you get an email code after a recent order we cannot update that recent order. Use the code for a new order. Promo codes are only for titles $18 each unless listed otherwise. Livestream & Royalty Free Mixes may be excluded from codes. Email offers may omit details so check here for info or email anytime. Printed promo noted with orders can expire without notice/error. Discount always include 100% Warranty on all CDs! NOTE: Promo codes are never valid for Custom Mixes! Always check here for details that may update without notice.


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