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Firefox Recommended - Some of you are having issues with downloads. But those that use FireFox are rockin' & rollin'. Use Firefox. It's prob cause your browser blocked Zip files. That's a good thing to protect you but it also blocks files from our trusted site. Our website is 100% working! Get it here for Windows and Mac.

New 2022 How To Video - Before you order & spend your non-refundable money - watch this video on how to use our downloads. WATCH VIDEO

Always Awesome Support

Stop! Please make sure to read ENTIRE PAGE for answers to most questions before emailing. If you email a question that is on here, your reply maybe delayed/held/sent back to this page as I try to email back customers with specific support. Drop an email 7 days a week and get a prompt reply within 24hrs or same day. Don't be disappointed! Join & stay on our email for Shipping, Support, Services changes. Always check emails so there are no bummers for you.

Ordering From Us

We no longer take phone orders. 99% of our customers order here on our Web Store. If you do not like ordering on our Web Store, we can offer ONE SIMPLE Payment Link via email that you can pay easy & 100% secure via our payment processor. Phone support is no longer available. We appreciate growing but this site is self running. Email and I will usually be able to help with easy steps.

Please try our Free Download and see exactly how it works. Ask for Android sample and see exactly how it works. Order our Free CD delivered to you and see exactly how it works. All 3 processes get you our music in an easy electronic-only transaction.

CDs or Downloads

Yep! We STILL offer Shipped CDs. Many others only offer downloads. We offer CD OnDemand for all CD orders. Select CD from the drop down menu and we will burn to CD for you and note the title name and BPM. You get the same great CD Audio every time and for the same price on most titles.

Common FAQs

No Refunds/Credits/Exchanges/Mistakes for Downloads. Accidental Duplicate Orders or BPM select allow one time credit. Please order our *Free Mix* by itself before ordering a paid mix. Move sloooooooow thru the checkout process and double-check your title, bpm and format (CD/download) before sending payment.

- We never email you links for your downloads. The Download Button is right there after payment. If you need to download, go to your account > past orders > download again.

- Account Orders - Login to ReDownload your files from your account. (Here)

- Please check your download or your CD and let me know of issues within 7 days. After 7 days, it may take me a few days to research issues and reply.

- Please order our FREE Download (by itself) to make sure downloads work for you and the processes involved before paying for a Download. Read more (Here)

- Watch "How To Use Downloads" video - Downloads require a FULL PC/LAPTOP to get them on your phone/device. (Here)

- Gaps in downloads? If you get gaps, you are missing a step or not "dragging/dropping" correct in iTunes. All mixes are 100% gap free (except Tabata). Watch Video (Here) and try again!

- Password Reset - AOL, Hotmail and a few others have issues with password resets. If you try and do not get a reset code within a few minutes, please email me and I will manually reset it usually same day.

- Promo Codes - Read the current deals on our Specials Page. Deals can end without notice / error so move fast.

- Backup Your Files - See below under Awesome Warranty. If you have a bad CD or computer crash, see if we can help. Always back up your files and see warraty options below.

- Custom BPM - Slow or Speed Up almost any mix that is over $15. (Here)

- Account Downloads - See how to find your Downloads again. (Here). Make sure to backup and save your files. We cannot replace files if our system/website crashes.

- Past Downloads - Sometimes we'll discontinue or lose/corrupt a file on our site. This means you can't download it from your account. Just email me the name and I will check and email you a direct link to download if we still have the master file. Always back up your files and see warraty options below.

- Discounted & bulk saving offers are "All Sales Final" but if you ever have a bad CD or download - you get 100% Warranty + Free Shipping for most cases. Email for details.

Awesome Warranty (CD & Downloads)

Please check your CDs or Downloads within 7 days! Let me know asap so I can fix any issues. After 7 days I will have to look for your order and reply once I find a solution.

If your older CD looks new and taken care of properly and ever stops working or skips, I will replace it 100% Free and even give free shipping if we still stock it! Just email me a copy of the CD (front & back) and I will get it taken care of if we have the master file. If your CD is not working due to heavy scuffs, scratches and heavy wear, you can order replacements for $8 each + shipping if we stock/have the master file. Just email me to start either process. Downloads: Make sure to backup and save your files. We cannot replace files if our system/website crashes. Once you download the Zip File, save it to flash drive - forever - in case you need it. Make sure to check your mix and let me know of any issues within the 7 days of order date. Titles past 3 years may not be available. Downloads do not come with any lifetime warranty!

Reward Points

New Rewards give you more for less! You need only 100 points minimum to show up in your account & to redeem. Redeem 100 points ($10) at a time toward qualifying orders of $36 or more. Then they start over and will expire / delete if you do not keep your account active.

Gift Certificate/Digital GV Balance

We stopped offering GC or GV in 2018/2019. You were notified via email to use any balance by the date listed. You were told how to use it moving fwd. Not using it the correct way will lock out your order and/or not work. All values are non-refundable. If you did not read our email, unsubscribed etc - that is not a valid resaon. Always stay on our email list for important NON-PROMOTION account information.

Your Account Profile

Keep your account active. Accounts may be purged if not used within one year. This keeps our site running lean for everyone. Rewards & any credits will be lost. Make sure to login at least once every 6 months to keep your account active - even if you do not order.


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