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Hey Peeps! We're updating our site to a NEW build that will overwrite this one. So - make sure to get your files and past orders printed now from our current site. You'll need to create a new account and it will only show the new orders from that point. It will look similar but have more power and
some nice customer enhancements like direct links in the order email confirmation. You'll be emailed a few times with reminders but make sure to gather your order details, save your order emails and downloads. Once we flip the switch we won't be able to help you with past orders - but please feel free to email and ask as there maybe options you can try.

Some of you are having issues with downloads. But those that use FireFox are rockin' & rollin'. Use Firefox. It's prob cause your browser blocked Zip files. That's a good thing to protect you but it also blocks files from our trusted site. Get it here for Windows and Mac.

Always Premium Mixes
Thanks for the awesome words - glad you're lovin' us! We have the best, energized and teachable mixes.
Formed in 2014 with help of some group fitness sites & Facebook pages, we've grown to be the NEW BEST source for your fitness class music. See top navigation bar to find music and BPM you need. Click around to see Specials and Custom Services.

Best Prices
All mixes are $18 or less - everyday! We also have great mixes at $10 Downloads and $13 Clearance. And with current deals and private Promo Codes, you always save! Make sure and join our email (and stay on it) for PRIVATE Saving Codes. If you see other deals on the web, we can see about matching it for Premium comparables. Email us anytime!

Clean Lyrics
Always CLEAN LYRICS! Our DJs take time to use as many Clean Radio Versions. If there is a risky version, we edit out any vulgar & profanity. We even look to take out words like Stripper, Drunk, Get High, Heavy Sexual References - sometimes even cleaner than the radio! Please note some lyrics SOUND like profanity. So always google the lyrics to make sure.

CDs or Downloads
Yep! We STILL offer Shipped CDs. Many only offer downloads. We offer CD OnDemand for all CD orders. Select CD from the drop down menu and we will burn to CD for you and note the title name and BPM. You get the same great CD Audio every time and for the same price on most titles.

Best Quality Mixing & Sound
You'll get the latest music right away for your classes. All with smooth, clubby or hard-hittin' versions. You'll get 32/64/96 beat blends from song to song for the best smooth mix - including bass and treble sweeps. NO COMPRESSION! Our DJs are the only ones to never compress a mix to volumize it. Compression distorts and gives it a "er er er" harsher sound. We mix only songs with equal volume. Crank it up loud and get great sound!

Never Overused or Lazy
All our mix series use as many unique songs as we can. We get new songs and remixed versions almost every week. Some hot songs will be put in a few mixes but never overused. We don't grab past fillers just because. All our mix series have a plan and song versions that keep that title hype!

Various Sounds for Various Crowds
Listen to samples of all our mixes! Take time out to click around and find the right mix! We have tons of titles for most class tastes. Learning the sounds/style will help you match a mix for YOUR crowd. Pretty soon you'll know exactly what titles work best for your class.

Some of Our Mix Series

  • Billboard, Seasonal (Autumn, Summer, Etc): Have Smooth Club, Anthem, Disco House sounds & current songs for all crowds
  • Radio Remix: Have Smooth Club, Anthem, Disco House sounds and mix of current songs and classics remixed with a new sound great for all/many ages.
  • Kickbox, Mega Hits, BootCamp: Have little harder remixed sound and sometimes less vocals and mix of current songs and classics remixed with a new sound and good for crowds that like an edgy club sound
  • Funky & Special titles like Pop Funk, Ribbian, Drums & Hype titles will have respective sounds like Funky beats, Hip Hop, World Sounds etc. For these just read the details to find out the sound styles.

Learn About the Remixed Sounds

All our music mixes are hot! And we mix a ton of varying sounds. But if you teach a 7am Step class you may need a certain sound. Then if you teach a 6pm Kickboxing, you may want something with edge! Learn & look for words like: Smooth, Anthem, House and Club for all uses. But also look for edgy sounds like: Harder, Future House and Bounce when you want a edgy sound. Soon you'll know exactly what work best for your class.

Stop & Ask!

Normally we mix new songs & classics. This makes the mix usable for a while and for many crowds. If you teach certain ages, demograhics, college kids, YMCA or looking for a certain sound (or do NOT want a certain sound) , beat or genre, please drop an email and we can hand pick some and email back with direct links.


Got questions? You get email support 7 days a week - yep even on weekends!

Happy Classes!
Michelle & Andrew




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